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Our Gallery

What We Do
The NextGrad Scholarship Foundation currently donates to 300 high schools who have our digital billboards in their schools. Each school receives an annual scholarship of $500. The counseling department of each high schools gets to decide how these funds are used and distributed. We usually see schools award this amount directly to a student of their choice, used to help pay for student's college application fees, or used to bring in speakers for events like FAFSA information nights.

Our Story
The NextGrad Scholarship Foundation was established in 2019 with the first scholarship of $1,000 awarded to Aberdeen Central High School in April 2020. Funds are taken from the colleges that pay NextGrad to advertise their programs and admission information inside the high schools. In 2022, NextGrad gave 25 percent of its annual revenue back to the high schools. NextGrad's annual donation amounts continue to grow each year and it's our goal to become one of the largest scholarship foundations in North America.
Our mission is to help high school students succeed after graduation. Through both our advertising services and our scholarship foundation, we are empowering students to pursue higher education.

"On top of providing a great service for free, NextGrad has made a generous scholarship donation
to our public schools foundation. Working with NextGrad has been a huge win for all parties."

Jason Uttermark - Principal, Central High School


Megan, Central High School

Megan is the first winner of our student survey scholarship giveaway. She was chosen at random after providing feedback about how we could better serve her and her classmates.

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